Mahogany Cased 8 Day Drum Barograph

Mahogany Cased 8 Day Drum Barograph


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Fine example of a mid to late 20th Century Barograph of the highest quality. The Barograph is housed in a mahogany case with bevelled glass panels and a sectional drawer below to hold new and used charts. The workings are gilt brass and the mechanical eight-day clock movement is housed in the drum, fitted with a week long chart which covers one rotation of the drum. The aneroid barometer mechanism has 8 stacked vacuum capsules and utilises a gate suspension for improved sensitivity. There is a pen on the end of a long arm which moves to record the pressure.

There are no maker's details on the barograph but is very similar to Short & Mason Barographs that I've owned previously. The mechanism is by the Gluck Company.

The barograph comes with a huge amount of recording charts, enough for at least a years worth of recording. It also comes with a traditional glass ink bottle. There is no ink left but extra charts and ink are both readily available to buy online.

The case measures approximately 14 1/2" wide by 9" deep and 9" tall. The drum has a diameter of 4" (10cm).

The clockwork mechanism is in good working order and although I have not referenced the readings against a chart for accuracy it appears to be in good working order. It will of course need calibrating and setting up to the correct pressure when it arrives with you. 

It is in excellent condition for its age and has clearly been very well looked after. There are some light marks and minor signs of use commensurate with age and a small dent on the top edge but there is no major damage to report. The whole piece displays very nicely and looks very impressive.

The best description I can give comes from the photos so please look at them all carefully and if you have any questions at all please ask.

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