Antique Brass Microscope with Leitz Lens

Antique Brass Microscope with Leitz Lens


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Antique Microscope 

late 19th Century


A fine example of a high quality microscope in a fitted wooden case, complete with an eyepiece lens and an objective lens. There is no maker's name anywhere on the microscope however the design is similar to that of a Swift microscope.


The microscope is made of lacquered brass on a horse-shoe design base with a dark grey finish. The whole microscope tilts and it has a rack and pinion main focus and an additional fine focus controlled by a rotating knob on the front of the tube. The microscope has a square brass stage and below this is a large mirror for focusing the light and a rotating wheel to reduce the amount of light. It is without any slide clips.


The microscope comes with a large good quality brass eyepiece lens marked 'C 8'. It also comes with a brass eyepiece marked 'E.Leitz 2' with its matching brass case. 


It comes in its original fitted mahogany case with sections for the lenses and accessories to fit in and a sliding drawer for storing slides. It would have once has a leather carrying handle but this has perished at some point. The box is in good condition overall and is strong and sturdy with a nice aged patina. It comes with its original key. The wood surrounding the inside of the catch is damaged but it does still lock.


The microscope measures approximately 11" tall and the eyepiece tube is approximately 1 1/2" in diameter. The box is approximately 12 1/2" high by 8" wide by 6" deep.


The microscope appears to be in good working order and I have set it up and tested it with a few old slides. I expect the lenses would probably benefit from a clean but it produces a clear and crisp image and was easy to focus with both the coarse and fine.


Overall the microscope is in very good condition. It has been used and has some minor signs of wear but nothing detrimental. There are little to no signs of wear on the original lacquer and everything moves freely. There are some light scratches on the base but nothing major. It is worth noting that one small screw on the rear of the microscope appears to be slightly different to its neighbour and one of the coarse focus knobs is ever so slightly at an angle but it hasn't affected the microscope mechanically or aesthetically. The lenses are undamaged and although in working order it is really being sold as a decorative / collectors item rather than an accurate scientific instrument. It has been lightly cleaned and it displays very nicely.


The best description comes from the photos so please look at them all carefully and if you have any questions at all please ask.

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