1929 Meccano Vertical Steam Boiler with Manual


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Meccano Vertical Steam Engine 

with original Box and Manual
circa 1929
Superb example of an original Meccano steam engine set on a blue metal base with a brass vertical boiler. It has its original chimney and original burner. The boiler has developed a lovely tarnished patina and the boiler is nicely embossed with various details and 'MECCANO'. On the base is the original 'Meccano' gold label. 
The cardboard box is in reasonably good condition however the lid has become detached. It comes with the internal cardboard insert too.
The engine comes with its original and complete 16 page manual which for its age is in very good condition. It is only really the front cover that has suffered some damage - there is a sellotape repair and it is detached from the manual itself. The back cover also has some sellotape repairs and slight losses but is attached to the manual. Inside though it is excellent and every page is clean and readable. 
Approximate Measurements:
Box : 8" x 8" x 5"
Height of Burner : 7"
Length of Base : 7"
I have not had the engine in steam and so it is sold as untested however all the parts move as they should and the water boiler is in good sound condition so I see no reason why it shouldn't run as intended. You will notice this engine does not have a secondary shaft and associated cog. People seem to modify this to run the various different models and I understand standard meccano cogs and shafts can be used to create different drive shafts. 
The best description comes from the photos so please look at them all carefully and if you have any questions or need more information please ask.
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