Victorian Polyphon Music Player 11"

Victorian Polyphon Music Player 11"


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in working order with 12 11" discs 

Circa 1890s 

Fantastic Victorian Polyphon contained within a lovely wooden box, which looks to be made of good quality mahogany. The music player is operated by a clockwork mechanism and even after 120 years the sound is beautiful. The disc is turned by wheels either side of the box and held in place by an intricately decorated arm with a special release clip. 

It is a larger than normal player, playing 11" discs. It has 54 teeth on a 4 3/4" steel comb that play the most intricate of discs effortlessly.  

It is an early example that is wound from the top of the box with a lever. There is also another lever that controls the speed of the playing.

On the inside on the brass plaque below the playing mechanism are the numbers : 167879.

The Polyphon comes with 12 original discs that play well. Some play better than others but I think this is a reflection on the discs rather than the player. I'd imagine some have been played a lot more than others over the years. Some discs still have the names on and among those included are Wagner, the Master-Miner song and Polka.

The Polyphon is in good working order and you can hear a video of some of the discs playing on it here : 

Please bear in mind this has been recorded on my phone and the sound is a little tinny but rest assured this is just down to the sound quality and not the player itself. 

The teeth are all in tact and in good condition. The box itself is also in nice condition with no major damage, just a few small knocks and scuffs commensurate with age. There is some carved decoration on the top of the box which, although a little crude, is pretty. The picture inside the box lid is original and bright with just a few small scuffs.

The box itself measures approximately 14 1/2" wide by 13 1/2" deep by 9 1/2" high. It weighs over 10kg and so the postage is expensive but I will only send something so precious fully insured. 

The best description I can give comes from the photos so please make sure you look at them all carefully. It has been cleaned and to me it plays beautifully and I personally cannot hear any faults but I am not an expert so please have a listen to the video to satisfy yourself as well. 

Any further questions please ask

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