Oak Cased Barograph Littlestone Golf Club 1924

Oak Cased Barograph Littlestone Golf Club 1924


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Early 20th Century Barograph of the highest quality. The Barograph is cased in Oak with glass sides and laquered brass workings. The mechanical eight-day clock movement is housed in the drum, fitted with a seven day chart which covers one rotation of the drum.The aneroid barometer mechanism has 7 stacked vacuum capsules and utilises a gate suspension for improved sensitivity. The nib is on the end of a long arm which is what moves to record the pressure.


It comes with about a dozen original charts which I have supplemented with a further 20 or so Casella charts to keep you going for a good number of weeks. It also has its original glass ink bottle.


The case measures approximately 14 1/2" wide by 9" deep and 8" tall. The drum has a diameter of 4" (10cm).


The clockwork mechanism is in working order with a healthy tick and although I have not referenced the readings against a chart for accuracy I believe it to be in working order. It will however of course need calibrating and setting up to the correct pressure when it arrives with you. 


It is in excellent condition for its age and has clearly been very well looked after. There are small marks here and there commensurate with age but there is no damage to report and the wood has a nice patina. 


There is a small brass plaque on the front which reads : "LITTLESTONE GOLF CLUB. ERSKINE GOBLETS. AUG 1924. J.P.PURCELL & W.T.CAVE". It's likely that the barograph was a prize presented to the winners of the golf trophy which adds a lovely and unusual bit of history.

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