Antique Bone and Bamboo Mahjong Set


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Antique Mahjong Set

cow bone and bamboo

Superb example of a high quality mahjong set contained within its original box with sliding door.

The pieces are made from bone (bovine) and bamboo with the symbols and pictures finely carved into the bone. It is a good quality set with a good proportion of bone, approximately 50% bone to 50% bamboo, joined with a nicely cut dovetail joint. Further signs of quality include an elaborate floral One Dot and a Crane featuring on the One Bam.

There are 144 tiles in the drawer, and there are a further 4 spare blank tiles. There are 2 season counters in a carved holder and a large number of counting sticks. 


The set is in good condition for its age. It is not new and has been used but has clearly been well looked after. There are general signs of wear and use and slight discolouration and marks on some of the pieces. The dovetail joints are generally good and tight with a few small splits on some of the pieces. 

All of the components of the game are kept in individual drawers within a specially made box. It is an excellent quality box with ornate metal corner pieces, carrying handles and symbols on the sliding door. It has 5 small drawers inside, each with a folding handle.

The box is in good condition for its age. There have been a few old repairs and some old splits, small chips and one corner piece is missing but generally it is strong and sturdy and displays well. 

The box measures approximately 9 1/2" (24cm) long by 6 1/2" (16cm) wide and 6 1/2" (16cm) high. The tiles measure approximately 32mm long x 21mm wide x 14mm high.

The best description comes from the photos so please look at them all carefully and if you have any questions please ask.

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