Georgian Apothecary Cabinet


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Georgian Apothecary Cabinet


Superb example of an early 19th Century mahogany apothecary cabinet, complete with most of its original contents. The box itself is made from mahogany with a recessed campaign style brass handle and brass escutcheons. 


The doors open to reveal an arrangement of 18 glass bottles recessed inside the doors and a further 5 larger bottles in the centre section. Below these bottles are 3 small drawers, each with a turned bone (cow/bovine) handle and a sliding lid. These small drawers contain an assortment of medical pieces including glass mixing tubes, syringes, bandages and cardboard pots for pills. Below these drawers are two further large drawers.The first fully fitted and containing a small spirit burner, some scales and weights (string not attached), spatulas, syringes, tweezers, corks and other items. The final drawer contains 6 further small glass bottles, four ceramic or glass mixing pots and various cardboard boxes of tablets or pills - truly everything a travelling doctor would have needed in the 19th century! 

Hidden in the top corner of the box is a small latch which releases a secret sliding compartment at the rear of the box. This contains 5 additional glass bottles which would have most likely contained the poisons or dangerous substances. 

Overall the condition of the box and contents are superb and believed to be as it was left the last day it was used. Some of the smaller bottles are probably not original as they would have fitted exactly in the sections but for display purposes it looks superb. One large bottle has a crack in it and there are various small chips around the tops but nothing detrimental and many still have their original paper labels. 

The mahogany box is strong and sturdy with a beautiful aged patina. There are general minor signs of age and use but no major damages. It has been sympathetically re-polished and revived and the brass parts polished. I do not have a key for the box. Inside it is generally clean and tidy with its original velvet linings and the partitions are sturdy and in good condition and all the knobs are original. 

Measurements : 

Height : 14" (36cm)

Width : 12 1/4" (31cm)

Depth : 8 1/4" (21cm)

 The best description comes from the photos so please look at them all carefully and if you have any questions at all please ask. 

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