Antique Electric Shock Machine


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Antique Electric Shock Therapy Machine 

Circa 1880

Fantastic example of an electric shock machine dating from the late 19th Century contained in its original box. There is a wooden winding handle which attaches to the front of the box and turns the coil inside which, next to a large magnet, induces the current. The machine still has the original paper instruction label inside the lid of the box and comes with two brass probes.

Approximate Measurements :

Length of Box : 10" (26cm)

Height : 4 1/2" (12cm)

Depth : 4 1/2" (12cm)

The machine is complete and all parts move as they should. It has been tested on a voltmeter and it does produce a current when wound. However, given its age, it is really being sold as a decorative collectors item rather than an accurate scientific instrument. 

It is in good condition for its age and displays beautifully. It has been cleaned and lightly polished and the box has been given a light wax to retain its aged patina. The wire on the probes is in good condition. The box has picked up some scuffs and knocks and some old splits over the years but nothing detrimental. The drive band connecting the wheel to the coils is in good strong condition and turns well. There is no key to the box. 

The best description comes from the photos so please look at them all carefully and if you have any questions at all please ask.

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