Antique Microscope Slide Cabinet

Antique Microscope Slide Cabinet


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Antique Microscope Slide Cabinet

with 17 Drawers 


Fantastic microscope slide cabinet dating from around 1900. The cabinet itself is made of pine with a brass recessed carry handle and a glass door. It also comes with its original working key and lock. This particular cabinet has 17 drawers each with the capacity to hold 12 standard sized glass microscope slides - giving a total capacity of 204 slides. Each drawer has a small bone (bovine / cow) knob and is lined with a thick paper base. 


The slide cabinet is full and has a varied selection of biological / pathological slides. Each slide is labelled with a paper label and include  - spinal cord, cerebral softening, pancreas, uterus, striated muscle, post-mortem clot, chronic obliterative appendicitis, healing incision among others. One label says "Pathology Dept. Univ. Liverpool" which is where the cabinet and slides must originate from. 


The cabinet is in good condition and displays very well. There are some signs of age and use, some minor knocks and scuffs and some old woodworm holes in one side but nothing detrimental. The lining paper has spotted slightly with age and some of the slides have spots of dirt / mould and some wear to the paper labels. Overall though the slides are all usable and in generally good condition. 


Approximate Measurements :

Height : 10" (26cm)

Width : 8 1/4" (21cm)

Depth : 8 1/4" (21cm)


The best description I can give comes from the photos so please look at them all carefully and if you have any questions please ask.

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